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WikiApiary collects, graphs and analyzes information about MediaWiki websites. Once a website is registered with WikiApiary a suite of bots will start collecting information about the versions of software being used, the amount of editing activity on the site as well as the use of Semantic MediaWiki. WikiApiary intends to help those running MediaWiki sites have a better insight into their sites.

How to add your wiki?
  1. Create an account on WikiApiary,
  2. Check your email and verify your email address,
  3. Do a search and make sure your site hasn't been added already,
  4. Add your website to WikiApiary, and add it to your watchlist,
  5. If you'd like, add monitored by WikiApiary to your wiki footer.

Your website will be checked by operators shortly.

Get involved by subscribing to the WikiApiary announce mailing list or the WikiApiary-l mailing list.

WikiApiary Stats
Active Sites: 25,466
Semantic Sites: 1,706
Farm Sites: 7,610
Tracked extensions: 8,747
Tracked skins: 3,347
Registered farms: 230
Active users: 17,313,341
Pages: -8,982,570,193,086,843,839
Total edits: 552,816,861,554,025,327
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