Brigham Young University

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Brigham Young University is a university host. There are 15 wikis (15 standalone and 0 farm) hosted on the Brigham Young University netblock.

Standalone wikis on Brigham Young University:

WikiPagesMW VersionFoundedIP AddressNetblockLanguage
College of Fine Arts and Communications12,3601.20.610 January 2007 03:55:18128.187.103.59
Library Instruction Case Wiki5,58519 December 2008 20:57:50128.187.103.122BYU
Vsfp3,7981.21.16 June 2007 21:25:57128.187.102.4BYUen
World War I Document Archive2,5881.27.418 April 2006 15:45:14128.187.103.95BYUen
Music Reference Wiki1,8983 December 2007 23:20:48128.187.103.95BYU
NLPWiki1,2021.15.28 January 2006 22:01:31128.187.104.142BYUen
The Encyclopedia of Mormonism1,1731.23.148 June 2007 20:32:04128.187.103.95BYUen
EuroDocs60517 January 2006 21:24:44128.187.103.95BYU
Harp Music from the 18th and 19th Centuries4281.23.27 January 2009 22:45:42128.187.103.75BYUen
IS Theory2541.28.021 September 2011 22:30:20128.187.60.6BYUen
CS 6791151.15.2128.187.104.142BYUen
CS 236 Discrete Structures841.15.2128.187.104.142BYUen
FlagshipWiki261.16.129 June 2007 19:32:57128.187.102.6BYUen