MediaWiki 1.33.3

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MediaWiki 1.33.3 (Branch: 1.33.x, ID: 277748)
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26 March 2020 – WMF – stable
Release status:
Website count:
423 (17 standalone, 406 farm)
Day: 2 Hour: 20
This generator is in use on the following websites:
WikiPagesEdit indexFarm
Smite Wiki156,3748.39Gamepedia
Subnautica Wiki241Gamepedia
Riordan wiki123,3052.34Wikia
State of Decay Wiki595Gamepedia
PixelJunk Inc Wiki48116Gamepedia
Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki1,037,5172.83Wikia
Hand of Fate Wiki1,008Gamepedia
Nosgoth Wiki699Gamepedia
Obduction Wiki1,4910Gamepedia
Cornell CAC Documentation24610.5
BATMAN вики2,0340Wikia
Thaumcraft 4 wiki15,4260.67Wikia
Negima! Wiki6,0200Wikia
Patterns Wiki523Gamepedia
Disney Wiki1,035,6515.04Wikia
The Amazing World of Gumball Wiki206,2069.67Wikia
Get Even Wiki2510Gamepedia
Elder Scrolls Wiki (de)106,53120.86Wikia
Evony Wiki5,699Gamepedia
Unikitty Wiki16,8203.38Wikia
Users Wiki (
Divinity Wiki2,928Gamepedia
Soul Eater Wiki21,41411.13Wikia
EVE Wiki5,8070.67Wikia
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