MediaWiki 1.33.3

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MediaWiki 1.33.3 (Branch: 1.33.x, ID: 277748)
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26 March 2020 – WMF – stable
Release status:
Website count:
1030 (20 standalone, 1010 farm)
Day: 2 Hour: 20
This generator is in use on the following websites:
WikiPagesEdit indexFarm
Wiggles Wiki410Wikia
Random Wiki1,4580Wikia
PixelJunk Inc Wiki484Gamepedia
Filk Discography2,0891.75Wikia
Girls Only Wiki188Wikia
Memory Alpha (bg)1,6720Memory Alpha
Memory Alpha (ca)1,0370Memory Alpha
IPhone Hacking Wiki225Wikia
Mixels Wiki (fr)297Wikia
Survarium Wiki2,4780Gamepedia
Jungle Run Wiki6280.5Wikia
Reflex Math Wiki167Wikia
Cobalt Wiki1,4110Gamepedia
Subnautica Wiki244Gamepedia
Inanimate Insanity Wiki61,7442.02Wikia
Little Einsteins Wiki6,5349.43Wikia
Nether Wiki693Gamepedia
Borderlands 2 Wiki2,082Gamepedia
Scraps Wiki3000Gamepedia
Roblox Wikia260,0665.04Wikia
Blue's Clues Wiki28,7033.07Wikia
Plainrock124 Wikia4,5662.05Wikia
Eden World Builder Wiki11,4540Wikia
Apple Wiki (zh)218Wikia
… more wikis using MediaWiki 1.33.3