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This extension is in use on the following websites:
Wiki nameMediaWiki versionExtension version
SCP - Containment Breach Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Secrets of Raetikon Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Wayward Terran Frontier Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Modern Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Minecraft Fan Ideas Wiki1.33.3Unknown
The Apple Museum Wiki1.33.3Unknown
American Dad Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Minecraft Wiki Polska1.33.3Unknown
Outlast Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Fan Furry RP Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Mixels Fan Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Girls Only Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Kill the ice age baby adventure Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Project Phoenix Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Eddsworld Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Halo Fan Fiction Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Apple Watch Wiki1.33.3Unknown
LapFox Trax Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Geek Feminism Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Phobia Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Algicosathlon Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Google GameShow Wiki1.33.3Unknown Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Minecraft Players Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Random-ness Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Big Chungus Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Poop Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Sins of a Solar Empire1.33.3Unknown
DankMeme Wikia1.33.3Unknown
Beer Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Snowboarding Wiki1.33.3Unknown
ARK: Survival Evolved Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Gallowmere Wiki1.33.3Unknown
DropBlox Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Riders of Icarus Wiki (en)1.33.3Unknown
Furry Friends Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Patterns Wiki1.33.3Unknown
The Order: 1886 Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Eador Wiki1.33.3Unknown
The Forest Wiki (
Life is Feudal Wiki (ru)1.33.3Unknown
Wiki Resident Evil1.33.3Unknown
User Wiki1.33.3Unknown
A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Faeria Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Spooky Month Wiki1.33.3Unknown
Memory Alpha (ru)1.33.3Unknown
YouTube Italia Wiki1.33.3Unknown
EVE Wiki1.33.3Unknown